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Flipboard is a media app that allows user to create "magazines" with curated web-based items.  I've created this "flipboard" about animal geography to help keep up with animal-related news.  Please feel free to share articles you think I should include!

the coordinates society

The Coordinates Society is currently on a hiatus, but it is a  collaboration with fellow geographer Connie Johnston.  We are interested in ways to cultivate a geographic curiosity about the world.  Initially we worked on developing a digital magazine and conducting experiential workshops.  We elected to go on hiatus at the start of Covid19 and hope to pick back up again when our schedules permit it.

Being on the Map

I recently learned that I am "on the map" because of my paternal grandfather's land purchase decades ago.  

grew up going "to the West Road" pond for family gatherings and, like most kids, didn't pay any attention to history.

Click here or on the image to learn more of what I discovered about my own geographic history!

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I was honored to be invited to join this conference as a Discussant.  To watch my full session please click here.  If you want to just watch my "discussant response" please fast forward to minute 50.


For me, Dr. Urbanik has become more than a reader, but a colleague and friend. She is a wonderful listener and communicator and she is phenomenal at refining, reorganizing, and transforming chaotic ideas and thoughts into meaningful discourse. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Urbanik."

- Poppy Di Candeloro

saving garner farm trail: a meridian herrington adventure

Meridian Herrington has just moved from one side of the country to the other and she must find her way in her new home. In the fields near her house, she discovers that she can talk to Beebo and Felix - two chipmunks who are trying to save themselves and their friends from a farmer's poison. Join Meridian and her friends to see what happens when one determined girl sets her mind to help others.

This is a children's book for readers ages 9-12

Dear Aunt Julie, The book you wrote (in my opinion) was a book that you could really picture. I personally think this book is in my Top 10 favorites and that's a lot to say!   - Bre Urbanik, age 12

Kansas City: An American Zoopolis is a ~30 minute documentary about the role of animals in the city's history.  It is my first documentary project and was completed with the support of the Missouri Humanities Council.  It was also selected for the inaugural Kansas City Local Film Festival in 2016.

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